Couple on a deckchair

Couple on a deckchair

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Those lazy Sunday’s are the best when we just want to lounge on the deck and bathe in the morning sun. This ornament shows a couple on a deck chair. While the man is enjoying the sun with his leg crossed over his knee, the girl is busy reading a book. The best part is the little glasses the man is wearing; which you can purchase separately from us as well. This ornament is also made of tanalised wood and has two flower pots right at the end of the couple’s feet on the deckchair. 



  • Height 13in  /  cm33                         
  • Width  14in  /  36cm                      
  • Depth  19in  /  49cm                  


Products are sent with the pots separately. Tighten them with a screwdriver carefully! Please remember that they can crack if you do it too strong.

Plants for display only. Shipping without plants.