Couple with a lamp post

Couple with a lamp post

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With a lamp post in the middle, a couple stands with the lamppost, holding it with one hand each. This ornament consists of 2 flower pots so you can plant your choice of flowers in them. This cute wood product is made of tanalised wood and has a height of 18 inches, a width of 10 inches and weighs 7kgs.  As each product holds its own uniqueness, so does this one. The couple wears small flower pot caps. One flower pot is hung on the back of the lamppost and the other flower pot is placed on the front between the couple.



  • Width: 18in / 46cm
  • Lenght: 10in / 25cm
  • Height: 34in / 86cm


Products are sent with the pots separately. Tighten them with a screwdriver carefully! Please remember that they can crack if you do it too strong.

Plants for display only. Shipping without plants.