Man on a deckchair with guitar with solar light

Man on a deckchair with guitar with solar light

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Picturing yourself leaning on a comfortable recliner with your favourite book in your hand and having some relaxing moments with yourself. What’s better than having a garden gift ornament that takes you back to some peaceful moments down the memory lane? This product is a total steal at such price and quality. Well textured, matt finished and smooth wooden deckchair with a pot sitting in front letting you have your favourite flowers making it desirable. The solar lamp was standing tall next to the product when turned on at night beams up the entire garden making it even more eye-catching.


  • Width: 11in 28cm
  • Lenght: 23in 58cm
  • Height:  20in 50cm


Products are sent with the pots separately. Tighten them with a screwdriver carefully! Please remember that they can crack if you do it too strong.

Plants for display only. Shipping without plants.