Standing girl with a pot and solar light

Standing girl with a pot and solar light

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This wooden girl is adorable and has been made from the finest wood of the highest quality to remain long lasting, weather resistant and durable. She is standing next to a solar light with a flower pot that can be used to house any small seasonal plants that you wish to plant in it. Brighten up a corner of your garden literally and figuratively by using this wooden girl ornament.

This wooden girl standing with a pot and a solar light is the perfect addition to your garden, as well as to anyone else’s garden if used as a flowerpot garden gift.



  • Width: 14in 36cm
  • Lenght: 12in 30cm
  • Height: 22in 56cm

Products are sent with the pots separately. Tighten them with a screwdriver carefully! Please remember that they can crack if you do it too strong.

Plants for display only. Shipping without plants.